Amy Winehouse Hologram Set To Tour in 2019

Though it might read like the headline of an article straight off of “The Onion”, this is not fake news. When I read about this story myself, it was one of those “Whoa, the future is now” moments. In strange music news, it has been confirmed by the late, great Amy Winehouse’s father that a hologram of his daughter will be hitting the stages all over the world next year.

Mitch Winehouse confirmed earlier this month when he tweeted: “Our family is delighted to be teaming up with @BASEhologram to continue celebrating the life and work of Amy, with all proceeds of the tour, starting in late 2019, going to Amy’s Foundation to help even more young people in her name.”

The Amy Winehouse Foundation raises awareness of the dangers of drug and alcohol addiction to young people. A cause close to the Winehouse family’s heart, after losing their Grammy winning daughter to addiction seven years ago. She became a member of the infamous “27 club”.

The hologram was designed by BASE, a company run out of Los Angeles that specializes in holograms for entertianment and special events. This particular hologram while on tour will feature Amy’s likeness and vocals, accompanied with a live band and back up singers. Songs like “Rehab”, “Back to Black”, and “Valerie” will all be a part of the set list.

Though I enjoy the idea of keeping her iconic memory alive, is this in poor taste? Despite being approved by her family, the ones who knew her best, it makes you wonder if Amy would want this for herself. Is this an example of technology going to far? Or is this a beautiful way to keep music alive? Would you pay to see a hologram in concert? Share your thoughts with us!

I guess only time will tell, we’ll check back for tour dates early next year.

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