Aly & AJ’s Comeback Deserves Your Undivided Attention

Carly Rae Jepsen and, on a lesser note, Taylor Swift have perfected the 1980s pop sound brought into modern day pop music. However, everyone has been sleeping on the true queens of this movement, Aly & AJ.

Yes, the same Aly & AJ from your archived childhood memories. Disney Channel’s royal sisters best known for “Chemicals React,” Cow Belles, and the legendary “Potential Breakup Song” are back. The timeless duo has cracked the code on how to turn out a full EP of perfect pop songs.

While the Jonas Brothers are, and rightfully so, getting a lot of media and chart attention for their return to the airwaves, Aly & AJ made their return 2 years ago with their track “Take Me.”

The song, and I cannot stress this enough, snatched me bald. A saucy pop anthem about being sick and tired of waiting to make the first move, set to a stirring background of pitch-perfect synthesizers transporting me back into Cyndi Lauper’s closet of neon? Honey, I was gagged from the moment I heard it.

It quickly became the most played song in my library. Then we received the Ten Years EP, that was just as perfect. 80s perfection, but brought into the ’10s with no flaws. Incredibly addictive hooks, lyrics that make you truly feel, and a vibe that you’ll change your entire wardrobe in the hopes to accompany it.

That brings me to the newest single,Church,” which is just as addictive and memorable. A solemn tune about regrets and trying to wash them away quickly turns into a certified bop with an incredibly simple, yet highly effective chorus that will have you jumping from the moment it hits.

I bring all this up because Aly & AJ don’t have a major label to back them up, unlike the Jonas Brothers. They are, arguably, putting out better work then the aforementioned threesome.

We will be following the release of their upcoming EP in association with their Sanctuary Tour (Coming to a city near you!), but until then, give their new music a listen, throw in some old favorites, and get ready to make 2019 the year of Aly & AJ.

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