Album Spotlight | A Love Letter to You 4

In recent years, it has become a common trend for artists to churn out more projects than ever before. Long gone are the days of musicians waiting multiple years between albums. The streaming phenomenon has users consuming more music than ever before, forcing creatives to keep up with the pace. Trippie Redd, a rising hip hop artist, has adjusted to the times by making it a pattern to release two albums per year. Usually dropping one during the first half, and one toward the end, giving his fans new music to stream year round. His most recent album titled “!”, was said to be the “trailer” to his long awaited album, A Love Letter to You 4.

Each of Trippie’s albums come with their own authentic look starting with the cover art. Trippie is methodical when choosing the piece that represents his image. Many times before releasing a project, Trippie Redd tends to delete all social media content on Instagram to start fresh. As an artist myself, I can see why this would help in keeping your image aligned with your music.

Below are some of the first images we saw after Trippie deleted all his posts and announced his next album, A Love Letter to You 4.

As you can see this artwork is vastly different than his third album in the series of Love Letter projects, “A Love Letter to You 3” (see below).

“A Love Letter to You 4” comes out this Friday, November 22nd. As a fan, I am excited to see how Trippie plans on promoting the album after it’s release. Keep an eye out for the specific images he uses, hip-hop artists today are more aesthetic-minded than we give them credit for.

Below is a link to Preorder “A Love Letter to You 4”

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