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To put it simply, the band Loving has a special place in my heart. The unique sound in their first self-entitled EP hit me right where it needed to when I found it a couple years back. A little over three years later, they’ve come back with another peaceful, quaint trip of an album. If I Am Only My Thoughts takes the listener along a stream of fragmented and existential consciousness. The lyrics are such that you can never pinpoint a specific meaning or person, but nonetheless you connect and relate to the spoken word.

Loving | Album Art by Dani Proteau

The psychedelic folk-pop band hailing from British Columbia craft melodies that seem as though they came from the breeze on sunny afternoon. Soft, sweet, quaint, yet all over the place the album doesn’t dive, but instead gently swims through the sea of the songwriters’ minds. One of my personal favorite tracks, Nihilist Kite Flyer, examines a protagonist who lives life freely, but doubts himself and his view of the world. He succumbs to the idea that he knows better than to search for finite answers, and to live in the present rather than stress about the self.

If I Am Only My Thoughts | Album Art by
Lola Paprocka

The songs in the library of Loving are nothing short of mystical. The existential yet calm lyrics may be interpreted in numerous ways by many others. But the soft, psyche-folk rhythms and melodies drift into all ears with a warm welcome. All things considered, this new album is just as addicting and pleasant as their self-entitled EP, Loving. If you haven’t heard of them, take a look below for a sweet taste!

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