AC Slater Revamps The House Music World With Fresh Album ‘HI8’


AC Slater, aka the mastermind behind the highly appreciated bass-house music genre is back at it with his most cutting-edge album yet, titled ‘HI8’. Known for his distinctive “Night Bass” sound and exclusive dance soirees, he has made quite the name for himself since his musical debut back in 2008. Since then, he’s showcased his talents at the highest level through the various projects he’s released over the years all while successfully expanding his Night Bass brand all over the globe.

2019 proved to be a huge year for AC Slater, as his first-ever Night Bass City music festival launched and completely sold out in Chicago; a city so sacred to the house music community. On top of successfully running his own record label, AC has truly outdone himself with the release of the 12-track masterpiece that is ‘HI8’. A project unlike anything we’ve seen from him before, the LP depicts house music in the most extraordinary spotlight.

The majority of the tracks on ‘HI8’ feature that old-school, 90’s house sound that dance music lovers can’t seem to get enough of, without losing that special Night Bass tone that makes AC unique. In a way, the entire album brings about a sense of nostalgia, intertwining the fresh world of house music and its many modern sub-genres with those  original piano-heavy synths that started it all back in the day. From start to finish, each track has its own melodic touch, but all of them progress in the most upbeat and harmonious manner.

Going the experimental route is never a bad thing, and AC Slater proved that with this extraordinary project. From underground to hints or urban influences and more, ‘HI8’ is one of those albums that will have everyone inevitably dancing to its entirety. It’s not easy for artists to maintain their signature sound while switching things up across the board, but AC Slater has managed to do so seamlessly. For all you house music lovers out there like myself, make sure to check this one out because I guarantee that you’ll find yourself bopping to it nonstop!




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