A Recap of the Best Week of the Year

It’s a bold title, I know, but I said what I said. Am I still hungover? Yes. Have I caught up on precious sleep? No. Not at all.

After a long, soul-sucking day at work on Wednesday, I was finally prepared to be a music crazed degenerate in Miami for the week. Driving down to south Florida for Miami Music Week always gives me jitters… Excited to party and even more excited to meet people who LOVE the music.

Night/Morning 1

My crew and I started our adventures at Club Space for the Drumcode party on the terrace. I’m a little biased… Club Space will always have a large piece of my heart. I’ve had some of my best nights there and the Drumcode party just sprinkled a little more love on me. The energy trickled down the street from the doors of this Miami staple. I wasn’t even inside when the little hairs on the back of my neck stood up on command.

The lineup was heavy and the vibes were vivid to say the least. Victor Calderone, my favorite set of the night, filled the room with abysmal sounds and heavy, profound beats. Layton Giordani started the party with the truest underground vibes. Adam Beyer showed us why he’s the label master with unreleased tracks and Beyer Drumcode classics. I tried to beat my record, but ended up leaving at 9 a.m. for post-techno smoothies with a friend. Night/Morning 1: Check.

Night/Morning 2

Thursday night, we’re back at Club Space for Paradise in Space presented by Jamie Jones. Filled with tech-house geniuses, the night was filled with the dopest party people of the week. The star of the night was Alan Fitzpatrick, who took club goers on a profound, thumping journey. Left at 7 a.m. Night/Morning 2: Check.


Night/Morning 3

Friday was a relatively chill day with some post club recovery and rest. During the evening, a free show popped up on my radar called Psycho Disco! x Trippy Ass Technologies: Psycho-Trippin’. This event was a label collab at an insanely dope place on South Beach called Sophie’s.

Label masters included Bad Boy BillChristian Martin, Codes, Dead SpaceE.R.N.E.S.T.OGettoblaster, Hunter Reid, John SummitMark Starr, and Treasure Fingers.

Now, I’m going to be honest… this party is EXACTLY what local parties in the house and techno scene should be. I was greeted with beautiful energy that filled the room and people that treated guests like they were part of the family. The music was bumpin’ and the people were beautiful. The venue had a back, secret entrance that really paid homage to the underground scene.

Throwing a party like this is difficult and has to encompass many aspects: music, energy, and a cool venue. If you’ve got those three things down pat, you have yourself a party. Above all, this event was free with RSVP. I made some true musical connections that night. Be sure to check out Psycho Disco! and all the events and releases they have coming up!

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