A Playlist of Summer House Heaters

Summer always gets me in the mood for house music–and as much as I love to listen to it, I love to hear it live even more. And as festival season continues, I find myself digging deeper and deeper in anticipation of my next shows. With that in mind, I’ve put together a playlist filled with some fresh house tracks guaranteed to get you on the dance floor this summer.

The rooftop of DC’s Flash Club, hosting house-centric parties all summer long

“Mannequin” – Far&High, Dasha Meelo

I haven’t been able to get “Mannequin” out of my head since I first heard it. Once its uniquely screechy build gives way to infectious sensual vocals, you’re hooked before the hi-hats even kick in. This kind of tech-house is anything but played out–the track continues to build throughout, and even the break sections are interesting and unexpected. Bottom line: this first track is an unsung club anthem that guarantees you’ll be fielding requests for the track name. Equally suitable for frat parties and the most obscure of clubs.

“No Drama” – Blue Hawaii

Alright, I lied–this one isn’t new. It’s the oldest track on the list, though included for good reason: I have no idea why it hasn’t blown up. Best known for their lush techno cut “I Felt Love,” Montreal duo Blue Hawaii again showcases their ‘90s dance capabilities with the house track “No Drama.” It gives us distinctly-vintage synth lines over low-mixed vocals, making you feel as though it came straight from that era. Even lyrically. It comes from their 2020 EP Under 1 House, chockfull of fantastic summer tunes worthy of your next party. Check it out here.

“Harmona” – Ichisan

This track from his two-week old album, Fantasound, encapsulates the disco-funk bliss characteristic of much of Ichisan’s catalogue, though his music takes any and all forms. My favorite track from the eight track record, “Harmona,” is one of the softer cuts on the list–yet still a thorough sonic journey from start-to-finish. The newest installment in the Slovenian producer’s impressive collection, and in my eyes, some of his best work yet. Luckily for his American audience, he’ll be featured at the second-edition of Submersion Festival this October in Hammonton, NJ as one of many talented artists across an array of electronic genres. Check out the full Fantasound project here.

Nomad Lyfe (DJ Minx Remix)” – Life on Planets, DJ Minx

DJ Minx has been killing it for a long time. I had the pleasure of catching her set at Okeechobee this year, and the Detroit house-and-techno legend’s impressive repertoire did not disappoint. Life on Planets is another recent find of mine, so I was happy to see this release earlier this year. The dream-like synths that underlay a bouncing, high-energy bass line really amplify Phill Celeste’s funky guitar-playing and vocals, giving the song unparalleled groove. To me, it really expands upon the original Life on Planets single.

“Tuko Tuko” – Lee Foss & Paskman

Tech-house household name Lee Foss really piqued my interest with this most recent single, released on his own label Repopulate Mars. “Tuko Tuko” features quirky, modulated synth notes dispersed amongst maybe the catchiest house refrain I’ve heard all year. Makes me feel like I should be raving in the desert right about now. Sure to be a staple of many a tech-house set this festival season, the track is a crowd-pleaser through and through.

Hope you enjoyed these recommendations! For more like these, check out the playlist below. Thanks for reading!

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