A Playlist for the Afters

Maybe you’re just getting home from your favorite festival. Maybe you’ve just had a raging night full of loud music, a group of your closest friends, exchanging of energies, and a drink (or five). Either way, you’re physically and mentally beat but… it’s way too early to sneak to bed. You’ve just invited all your friends to a kick back at your place. Welcome to The Afters.

The mental and physical stimulation took a toll. It’s time to throw down the lights, put on some trippy videos and listen to chill beats.

I have created a playlist for that exact scene. After long nights of dancing at a club, mentally, my friends and I never wanted it to end. Our bodies said otherwise. This playlist let those deep nights drift into morning seamlessly… without silence.

Some artists on this 90 song heavy rotation include: Bob Moses, Datamatros, Cuco, and more. Want a little sneak peak of one of my favorite tracks on here?

Coastal – Moving

Indulge in a musical concoction of Dub Techno, Drum n Bass, Chill Rap, Lo-Fi beats and Dreamy Indie. Drugs are bad, mkay? ~afterhourschill~ is a multi-genre experience into my love for music and my love for vibes. Kick back, relax and enjoy the dive into musical bliss.

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