A Happy Oktober Weekend

Oktoberfest from above via @beachesoktoberfest

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend Jacksonville’s annual Beaches OctoberFest. A dreamy oceanfront festival with brews and music aplenty. Located on the iconic Jacksonville Beach, OctoberFest brings out all of the crowds, reggae and punk rock fans on the quest for live music. Mixed in with the music lovers are the daily beach goers searching for that perfect sunset drink. Making up for an overall electric atmosphere of positive energy.

The Expendables via @beachesoktoberfest

Bands such as, The Expendables, Faze Wave, and Split Tone played for the hundreds. The energy of the crowd filled the air as The Expendables came on stage for their performance. As soon as they walked on, the crowd immediately started to sing along to their most favorites songs, “One Drop” and “Mr. Sun”. The ocean wind blew as the sounds of Reggae filled the air with their rhythmic guitar sounds. The band found themselves playing for the biggest audience of the weekend.

Having the festival in the center of Jacksonville Beach definitely has it’s perks. The many restaurants and bars located within the event grounds are a great touch as you walk down the famous 1st Street. Many young adults took advantage of the free admission, food trucks and beer stands as music plays simultaneously in the background. Nothing else seemed to make the people of Jacksonville Beach happier. Definitely one of the top festivals to visit when planing your next weekend getaway.


Below you can find links to songs heard during The Expendable Concert: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2OpHxx1SArSMlBrIMM0aV9?si=KaTESj6hRm6D69H8-cuWmQ

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