TENNIS fans are finally being fed after two long years of yearning for music. The husband-and-wife band is back with a new single, a surprise album announcement, and even a tour to boot. Let’s get into all these fun surprises that we have to look forward to in 2023.

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The indie duo kicked off this domino of surprises by dropping their newest single earlier this month. Leaving fans shocked at their surprise comeback. Piggybacking off the excitement of their latest release, the duo fed their fans even more. The following day, they announced an upcoming North American tour with tickets on sale. IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING!


While most fans were in shock by this, it didn’t go without a few “easter eggs” to create suspicion. The duo had left fans in suspense, when their Instagram page went completely blank, earlier in the month. Followers were left wondering if they were going to make a comeback; turns out, they were right!

TENNIS’ new album, which is set to be released on February 10th, 2022, will be titled POLLEN.

Their last album, Swimmer, was released in 2020. However, this time around they wanted to do things differently. They wanted to do it big. A big album, possibly even for radio, but their songs didn’t fit well with the conventional pop structures. So, it was a new challenge for the duo to focus on the smaller details in order to broaden their scope. It’s safe to say that the fans will be eating good next year.

“To keep ourselves from fallen into old habits, we used instruments and gear that is new to us”

Alaina Moore

The track list is yet to be announced, but as a fan I’m very excited to hear their new sound. I’m imagining the very unique and groovy mix that the duo is known for, but then again, they’ve always surprised me with every album.

I recommend for all of you to give this band a listen! They’re unique, and to put simply, they just hit different.

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One Night with the Valet” is available on all streaming platforms. Check out their last album “Swimmer” and follow them on Instagram to check out their release dates of their upcoming tour next year.

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