Tampa Celebrates 9th Annual Pig Jig

 It’s not a true Tampa event without a few sun showers! It could have been a tropical storm, but who is keeping track? The 9th annual Tampa Pig Jig was my kind of party. In true central Florida fashion, I endured the rain and mud piles for a day that did not disappoint. The acts of the day included, Lanco, The Wild Feathers, Dr. Dog, Camille Trust and closing with Jake Owen, who is, of course, way better looking than I could’ve imagined. My day was filled with pork and people in the best spirits despite our rain delays. The BBQ competition was a hit and although I do not know who won- I do know I was eating good all day.


 The barbecue tasted even sweeter knowing that every bite goes towards those suffering from kidney related diseases. Pig Jig is a way to promote awareness to a serious illness, and keep something dark.. light. These charitable acts have inspired others across the country to throw their own Pig Jig- and encouraged doctors to conduct more tests and research studies about FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis) and Nephrotic Syndrome. 

I learned a lot walking around the event. Talking to my community and learning their stories is really where my heart is. I talked to one group in particular who were first time participants in the BBQ contest. They had the biggest smiles as they tried protecting their grill from the rain. Our conversation started with, “Would you like to try this bone marrow? We just made it.” 

Let’s talk about the music though. I had to get there early and see Camille Trust do her thing. Fun fact: She is from Lutz, Florida and is absolutely killing the game. If you love pop queens who are undeniably themselves, look no further. 

 My other favorite act of the day was definitely Dr. Dog! They took the stage as soon as the rain stopped and the clouds opened up. It was something out of a movie when they opened up with one of their classics, Nellie, and the rest was history. They put on a show that did not disappoint. I can only hope they make it back to Tampa soon!

I’m very grateful to my friends at the Pig Jig for the opportunity to see Tampa at it’s finest. I can’t wait to see what they bring to the table next year!

Enjoy this photo of me during the day, loving life and hiding from the rain under a semi truck!

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