Grammy-award winning singer, SZA, appeared as the musical guest in the latest episode of Saturday Night Live. The episode, hosted by Keke Palmer, featured a performance by SZA of her latest hit, “Shirt.” She also performed her new single “Blind,” which previewed at the end of the “Shirt” music video. SZA stood in front of a sign advertising the December 9 release of her second studio album, S.O.S.

SZA stated that she was “currently concerned” about the potential release date of S.O.S., which was announced a few days after publishing a brief teaser video. This will be her first solo debut music since the release of Ctrl (Deluxe) in June. “Shirt” was released in October, on the album’s fifth anniversary. This song marked the rebirth of her solo career.

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SZA at the 2018 Grammy Awards Ceremony (Picture credits/ Christopher Polk)

“SHIRT” performance on SNL

During the performance, SZA sung in front of an animated blue background while being accompanied by dancers on either side of her.

The words “S.O.S December 9th” emerged on the screen behind her as the song was closing, confirming the release date of her much anticipated second album.

“BLIND” performance ON SNL

She also debuted a new track called “Blind,” which gave fans another taste of what they may expect from the album.


In an interview with PEOPLE magazine, SZA opened up about her feelings toward her upcoming album. Further emphasizing that the album would be very different from what we usually hear from her. She aims to be very diverse in each song. SZA made it clear that she doesn’t want to be “boxed into anything” when describing the exact sound of the album.

The sound is a little bit of literally everything, It’s a little angry as an overview, but some of it is really beautiful and soft and heartfelt. It’s about heartbreak, it’s about being lost, it’s about being pissed.”

“It’s my first album in five years, so I’m ready to be a different person and step into this new part of my life,” she explained. “Really exemplify who this character is and get to know myself better while everyone else gets to know me live at the same time.”



SZA is a leading figure in the new wave of R&B singers for women. Artists like SZA contribute to the revival of R&B by broadening the genre’s appeal with a contemporary sound that borrows elements from various musical traditions, while remaining true to its R&B foundation. Songs like “Shirt” and “Good Days” are notable examples of her true vocal and lyrical talent. These songs were hits among her fans and those online through social media like TikTok. Songs like those give me an idea of what to look forward to on the upcoming S.O.S album.

SZA has established herself as an important figure within the new-aged music industry in the last 5 years by creating music that sticks with a listener even years later. With the success of SZA’s previous album CTRL, which highlighted her lyrical and songwriting talent, I have absolutely no doubt that S.O.S. will be amazing! With S.O.S. arriving on Friday of next week, everyone at Mic Drop Music is eager to say that we are most definitely excited.

Will you be tuning in on December 9th?

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