Drake is the world’s go-to for love songs or breakup songs – he really can do it all. But over time they start to sound the same, especially if they’re on repeat. If you’re bored of Drake but are still in your feels, here are some songs that give off the same vibes.

LET EM’ KNOW – Bryson Tiller

Throughout this track, Tiller is asking his ex-girlfriend for a second chance. He’s trying to prove that he’s changed and he’s ready to finally settle down. I feel as if Drake created this ego of a typical R&B singer, that Tiller brings out through this song. The guy in this song is confident, telling any of the girl’s potential boys to back off because the main guy is back.

T R A P S O U L by Bryson Tiller (Album; RCA; n/a): Reviews, Ratings,  Credits, Song list - Rate Your Music


If you’re a real Drake fan, then you already know who PARTYNEXTDOOR is. They’ve come out with some iconic songs like “Come and See Me” or “Recognize”. “Only U” is a heartfelt song, perfect if you want to let all your feelz out after a breakup. You can really feel the emotion in this song which makes it perfect to cry along to.


The Morning – The Weeknd

Taking a turn from heartbreak songs, here’s a song you can add to your bedroom playlist. The Weeknd sings about his nights being spent with different girls. He connects the feeling of newfound fame to his love life. He struggles with finding love, but also thrives off the bachelor life. It’s a slower version of pretty much any Drake song.

The Weeknd - Wicked Games: listen with lyrics | Deezer

No Fear – DeJ Loaf

This song takes an electronic twist on a typical Drake song. It’s about telling her partner that no matter how famous she gets or where it takes her, that they’ll get through it no matter what. A major theme that Drake incorporates in his songs is reassurance and loyalty. He reassures people that the fame won’t change him, and I feel like this song perfectly touches on that.

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